Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wagon in the Wood

There she blows! Poop Poop!! Finally we made it down to the wood over the fields before the growing summer crops trapped us to the confines of the farmyard. She is nestled in a newly coppiced and thinned wet wood of mainly alder, hazel, willow, hawthorn, cherry etc.

It is still very basic, but you can have a little tour of the inside now. The bunk with my patchwork bolsters makes it a cosy place to sleep at night, whilst the stove manages to boil the kettle in about an hour with some persuasion.Yes, that'll slow down the pace of life a little... we might be looking for a new kettle with a super flat bottom at this rate.

There is a distinct lack of storage at the moment, but with some pottering about I'm sure that will develop. Most importantly is where to put the special whisky and chocolate cupboard. Well what else should I eat and drink down here?

On a more essential note, we dug a compost toilet in the wood between some cherry trees and built a screen around it. The toilet still needs a seat with a hole in it for the 'you know whats' but it will make a visit to the wagon so much more... relaxing?