Friday, 19 November 2010


No, it's not Baaa Humbug time. It's my Sheep Seat. (Don't say that too fast by the way.)

This project had been hanging around since last year. Greenwood turned ash legs on a poplar seat, steam bent sweet chestnut back hoops finally went on this autumn, and then the seat cushion transpired last month.

It is actually what I intended it to look like, apart from the legs being too high - it should be a much more squat seat height. Still I think it's rather amusing and bizarre!

It's on show in The Gallery at Bishops Castle, Shropshire over Christmas - and is for sale.
Tacking a cotton lining over the seat padding to create the dome shape.

Poplar seat with steam bent sweet chestnut hoops in before the top cushion is added.

Ash turned legs.
Sheep Seat by Elizabeth Cadd, Nov 2010.

Finished Sheep Seat, Nov 2010.


  1. I love it! Looks very cosy! Is that a sheepskin you've covered it with or some felt? :)

  2. That´s great! Cosy, and I like your humour, too!;-)

  3. Hi flyhoof and fimbulmyrk ;-)
    I'd love to have used a real sheepskin for the top but I didn't have one big enough to cover it. Instead I used a woven wool rug, still nice and soft though!

  4. Wow Im liking that a lot,great work.