Friday, 15 June 2012

An indoor silver birch bench

Here is a new bench I've just finished with a silver birch seat and ash legs. Very simple construction, but lots of interesting curves and waves in the legs and seat. A nice burr in the seat edge too.

And let me just gently remind you that commissions are also available!


  1. Hey that's a great bench ,I love the legs ,nice work and an interesting blog .Hi from Scotland :)

  2. Beautiful. I want it...but cant afford it...price is reasonable though. I really wanted to ask whether you use a side axe for cleaving and if you use a 'mousesander' to get the smooth finish. Many thanks, Ed

  3. Hello, thanks for your comments. The seat was a sawn plank, cleaned up with an in-shave and a light touch with a travisher . It's not 'perfectly' smooth despite what the photos may suggest, there are gentle ripples in the seat from hand finishing. I used a side axe on the sides of the plank the bark. I'd use a froe and nomal axe for cleaving. Cheers, Liz