Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Collective Spirit - a beautiful boat

The splendid boat "Collective Spirit" (part of the Olympic Festival) was in Weymouth harbour for all to see over the last 2 weeks. I passed it many times during my stay there and always stopped to admire it. It is made of 1,200 people's wooden donations which each came with a personal story. The construction is a seafaring record of our lives.

Read and see more about the project at


  1. I agree that it is really beautiful! I am currently doing my little project of creating a small boat from donated wood. My husband is going to find outboard motors for sale in Perth so that we are completely ready to do our project. The design of this Collective Spirit boat just gave me a good idea how to design our small boat.

  2. Well couldn't agree more with Lillian Gregory. That thing is the most beautiful there is since it is a spiritual journey to your being.