Saturday, 5 June 2010

Greenwood Trading

Quite a while ago I painted a picture in the woods, it was a kind of impressionistic woodland scene with long time volunteer at Clissett Wood, Kean in the distance working away. He liked it so much he asked if he could have it. 'Sure', I said and gave it to him. Kean though, was not willing to accept the painting for free, so I suggested doing a greenwood trade. 

"Think of something I could do for you Liz", he said, and I suggested he make me a nice cooks spatula because I've used many of his lovely spatulas in the Clissett Wood kitchen.

So Saturday we both happened to be at the wood and low and behold he had made me something ;-))
- or two things in fact. A cooks spatula and spoon!

Made from the two halves of a cherry log from a tree cut down in Herefordshire this May 2010. I have to say that I was really gobsmacked at how lovely they are. Thankyou so much Kean they are really beautiful!!

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