Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Da Clissett Crew in da Wood ..part 2

This is Dave and Pauline who made two nice chairs between them.

Anneka made a little stool with wych elm bark seat as well as an unfortunate trip to A&E after poking herself in the eye pulling out a tenon. Ouch!

This week we also had a happy couple celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary, for which Jo (the cook) dressed the table in a traditional Portuguese style with ferns and woodland flowers.

Hanging above them she made a willow heart decorated with flowers too. Cake and gooseberry fool was eaten!

So lastly, a few snaps of the finished chairs and benches.
Colin with his very substantial ladder back and slatted seat chair.

Also Deborah one of the Clissett Wood owners made a hooped back windsor style chair.

Lastly here is a picture of my final bowls from the week, oiled up and fully warped. The eucalyptus is getting quite an orange glow about it now.

Thank you to such a great group on this course.
My ribs were aching from laughing too much!

Please email me if you have photos to share at

Fashion hat show, thanks to Anneke for the photos!

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